We returned to Hillside Hall on Friday 23rd July 2021. Limits on social contact in England have been lifted, meaning people can now meet, inside or outside, with as many other people as they are happy to see. We were very pleased to see people come back and join in a session making fabric wreaths. The buzz of friends meeting up was fabulous!
Here's a picture of a few of the wreaths that were created.











Our next meeting is on Friday 6th August 2021

Please bring £5.00 to buy your tokens.

Entrance is £3.00 and you'll have 4 x 50p vouchers to use for refreshments or low-cost activities.

We are open to everyone, over 18!

If you want to join the group please come along, we will ask you to fill out a form, we'll show you round and get you settled in.

What can you do next time?

If you came on Friday and did not get your wreath as full as you'd like it to be/completed come  armed with a pair of fabric scissors and carry on with it. If you weren't there but want to give that a go then we will show you how to do it.



We are going to use paper napkins to decorate items. Choose from a selection of small boxes, picture frames and coasters. You might want to look out for something more personal to decorate.

Shirley is hoping to finish her 21” paper mache giraffe that she found discarded in a recycling bin!

Chris has made lots of lovely samples and upcycled a tray and covered an arrow sign.

Search in your craft room or raid the charity shops and discount stores if you want to bring something of your own.

While compulsory restrictions have been removed, our aim is to make all our members as comfortable as possible so that everyone feels able to attend so we ask you to respect the views of any member whose personal preference is to keep their distance from others and wear a mask. We hope the measures we request will reassure people that we are doing all we can to keep everyone as safe as possible.
Our approach will be cautious, keeping many of the measures we have become familiar with.

Key messaging is Hands, Face, Space and Ventilation.

  • We will set up chairs and tables ahead of your arrival and sanitise them.

  • We will open doors and windows for ventilation.

  • We will ask you to sanitise your hands on the way into the hall and at certain points in the hall.

  • We realise that wearing masks will be optional but we would recommend and appreciate it if you wear a mask as you enter the hall and whenever you move around. 

  • We will ask you to maintain distancing, where possible at 1 metre.

  • We will have a one way flow through to the toilet and kitchen areas and will ask you to have only two people at a time in both the toilet and kitchen.

  • One main difference is we have chosen crafting activities that minimize the need for sharing equipment and close contact teaching e.g. weaving, Decopatch and Iris Folding cards. We will announce these in the newsletters and we will ask you to bring some kit with you, if you can.

  • We must ask you for your contact details and hold a register in case any member tests positive and has to tell NHS Test and Trace they came to group. If you become positive you would pass details to them of a contact we will give you.

We will continually assess what it is possible to offer moving forwards. You'll be pleased to know there had already been a meeting to discuss the possibilities with some key crafters so we have some lovely activities in the pipeline to share with you all. There'll be more info in the newsletters. and the aim will always be to send people home with something they make.​

We are introducing the token system to replace the need for the excessive "money admin" we needed to do at the end of each session - keep an eye on the newsletters for specific info each time.


We know many of us are missing the regular meetings and we want to maintain links and friendships, and build new ones, in the weeks ahead. This could be particularly important if you feel you can't return to physical meetings yet. Head along to https://www.facebook.com/ArticulateCraft/ and then apply to join the Group. One of the moderators will approve your request if you were a member in 2018, 2019 or are a current member.

Please share your makes and if you are stuck on something you are doing reach out and ask if anyone can help, virtually, just as we all would if we were meeting up in person.

Articulate is a unique, vibrant and friendly club for 18+ which offers a wide range of different crafts and art, all under one roof. Articulate embraces all skill levels of artists and crafters in a creative & supportive community environment.


  • We have a passion for learning new skills and sharing what we know

  • We believe cost should not limit your creativity so our volunteer-led club aims to keep costs as low as possible  

So, whether you are an absolute beginner looking for somewhere to get started or experienced and highly skilled, our doors are open to you.

Meetings are fortnightly on a Friday evening and you can join us at any time from 6.00pm through to 9.00pm. Please see our Calendar for the dates in 2021. Please note we don't take bookings for workshops via email; only in person on a club night.

At each club night, there are three choices –

  1. Join a workshop to learn a new craft. Workshop places are booked in advance if there is a limit on the number of places, but we also have "drop-in" sessions with no limits. Any additional costs are minimal to cover the cost of resources. Please be at the club by 6.15pm as the workshops start at 6.30pm.

  2. Work alongside one of our members who can introduce you to a new skill or help with an existing project.

  3. Bring your own projects and enjoy a relaxed social evening with refreshments and raffle.


Club night costs for 2021

We have decided to introduce a token system to minimize the handling of cash. Please bring a £5.00 note with you to future meetings (this will buy you a set of tokens. Each set will include a £3.00 token for your admission and 4 x 50p tokens that can be used as payment for refreshments/raffle tickets/low-cost workshops or as a donation towards materials. Tokens can be purchased in advance (e.g. you can get 2 strips if you have a £10 note) and your 50ps can be saved up for a future entrance fee if not used on the night.

Because things are a little uncertain in 2021 we will not be asking for any additional membership fee so 2020 members carry on and anyone new who joins will need to fill out a membership form but will pay nothing additional for 2021.

Please be aware that some of the usual activities are restricted and not all materials will be available as we aim to reduce sharing of equipment. Please bear with us as we find our feet again.

Membership entitles you to -  

  • participate in very low-cost workshops (typically an additional £3). These must usually be booked in advance

  • use all the club's equipment. A wide range of materials is available to enable you to complete projects in glass, textiles, art & paper. The cost of these materials is not covered in your entrance fee... we just ask that you make a small donation

  • get discounts in a selection of art and craft shops in the local area. See the Discounts page for full information.

  • learn from others and share your skills

  • use our Art & Craft library

  • voting rights - Attend the Annual General Meeting and help shape the future of the club

Our Club Nights are open to everyone 18+. Our small charity is a not-for-profit organisation, recognised as charitable by HMRC for tax purposes.