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Articulate is a volunteer led community friendly club for 18+ offering a wide range of crafts and art, under one roof. Articulate embraces all skill levels of artists and crafters in a creative & supportive environment.

  • ​We share a passion for learning new skills and sharing.

  • We believe cost should not limit your creativity, so we aim to keep costs as low as possible.                                          For 2024 the base price is £3 per session, plus 50p for any added items like cake and raffle.

​Meetings are fortnightly on a Friday evening. You can join us at any time from 6.00pm through to 9.00pm.

Please see our Upcoming workshops page for the dates in 2024.

At each club night, there are three choices –

1.  Join a low-cost workshop to learn a new craft. Workshop places are booked in advance but we also have "drop-in" sessions with no limits on numbers.

2.  Work alongside one of our members who can introduce you to a new skill or help with an existing project.

3.  Bring your own projects and enjoy a relaxed social evening.


Our next meeting will be on Friday 10th May. We meet every fortnight.

We are ready to welcome everyone who would like to join and enjoy a crafty year with us.

We'll have a lot of fun meeting up with old friends and future ones too. Please sign up to the newsletter to get more details of what will be on offer.

Here's some GOOD NEWS! We are still keeping the prices low at £5 for your first session of 2024 and £3 entry each session after that. We organise low cost workshops or run open sessions (we call them learn together sessions) where we ask for a donation for activities. You can also bring whatever you are working on and sit with like-minded people to chat. We all enjoy a free drink in that entry  price. You might like to bring a bit more cash to cover cake, a chance to win on the raffle, payment for your evening's craft activities and to book on to a future workshop.

If you'd like to get creative and try new activities, perhaps this is the club for you? Take a look at the images on the crafts tab to see some of the things that have been produced by our members.

There is always a buzz of friends meeting up and the atmosphere is lively. It's never quiet at Articulate!

Doors open again on Friday 10th May 2024.

You can find our public Facebook page here: Articulate Bath's Art and Craft Club


Our Member's Facebook group is  also available to learn, share, maintain links and friendships and build new ones. Current and past members are welcome. Apply to join the group once you are a member of Articulate. ​​Please share your makes and if you are stuck on something, reach out and find some support .

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