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Embroidery, Cross Stitch
and Needlepoint

The club has an excellent selection of resources to explore for all types of stitching crafts: we have boxes of endless colours of embroidery threads,  stunning metallic threads, pure wool, hand-dyed yarns, and unusual yarns.  We also have simple kits to get you started with cross-stitch and needlepoint.  

Throughout the year we have a number of stitching workshops to introduce new skills and projects both for beginners and the more experienced.  Our aim is to allow you to find a low-cost way to explore a new craft. One of our members can help you learn five popular stitches including backstitch, satin stitch, split stitch and the French knot.  

We also welcome new members who are able to share more complex or advanced projects.  Please share your ideas with us, explore our resources to discover new uses, and take your creativity further.

knitting mill
knitting mill
Slow Stitching (2) 2023
mindful stitching
Hey up, chuck!
2017-05-30 12.17.01
articulate stitch
Articulate Bath embroidery threads
Articulate Bath heart feltie
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