Club night costs for 2022

Annual Membership costs £5 on the first night you attend when you will get your membership card for the year. You might also want to bring another £5 to buy some tokens to be used for refreshments, as payment for our low-cost workshops and the raffle.

Attendance at each subsequent club night costs £3.

We have decided to continue with the token system introduced in 2021, to minimize the handling of cash. Please bring a £5.00 note with you to future meetings to buy a set of tokens. Each set will include a £3.00 token for your admission and 4 x 50p tokens that can be used as payment for refreshments/raffle tickets/low-cost workshops or as a donation towards materials. Tokens can be purchased in advance (e.g. you can get 2 sets if you have a £10 note) and your 50ps can be saved up for a future entrance fee if not used on the night.