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Covid Safety

While compulsory restrictions have been removed, our aim is to make all our members as comfortable as possible so that everyone feels able to attend so we ask you to respect the views of any member whose personal preference is to keep their distance from others and wear a mask. We hope the measures we request will reassure people that we are doing all we can to keep everyone as safe as possible.
Our approach will be cautious, keeping many of the measures we have become familiar with.

Key messaging is Hands, Face, Space, and Ventilation.


  • We will set up chairs and tables ahead of your arrival and sanitize them.

  • We will open doors and windows for ventilation.

  • We will ask you to sanitize your hands on the way into the hall and at certain points in the hall.

  • We realize that wearing masks will be optional but we would recommend and appreciate it if you wear a mask as you enter the hall and whenever you move around. 

  • We will ask you to maintain distancing, where possible at 1 meter.

  • We will have a one-way flow through to the toilet and kitchen areas and will ask you to have only two people at a time in both the toilet and kitchen.

  • One main difference is we have chosen to craft activities that minimize the need for sharing equipment and close contact teaching e.g. weaving, Decopatch, and Iris Folding cards. We will announce these in the newsletters and we will ask you to bring some kits with you if you can.

We must ask you for your contact details and hold a register in case any member tests positive and has to tell NHS Test and Trace they came to the group. If you become positive you would pass details to them of a contact we will give you.

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